AZ Tri Series Coaching Program

Introducing the AZ Tri-Series Training Program presented by Moxie Multisport!
Have you completed a couple triathlons and are looking to improve, but not sure how? Or maybe you’re looking to get into triathlon, but don’t know where to begin? The goal of this training program is to provide the support, camaraderie, and accountability you need to achieve your own individual goals with confidence. The program, which will run from January 15th-August 19th, will be centered around the AZ Tri Series which includes four events. The group will be divided into two categories after Cactus Man depending on your goal distance for the tri series; either short-course or long-course, ending on August 19th.
This program is designed to help athletes improve their fitness and skills for triathlon in a coached, group setting. You will receive 4-5 coached workouts per week at a great price! All athletes’ progress will be tracked and assessed using TrainingPeaks software.
The cost for this program is $225 per month. Or pay $1,500 for all 8 months and save $300!   Sign up here!

The first day of the program will be Monday, January 15th.(MLK Day) We will kick off training with a group run and a program overview. Meet with the coaches, get your Training Squad T-Shirt, and come with questions.
The weekly schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday- Group Run, Moxie Multisport at 6pm. This will begin as a steady easy run and progress to include intervals.
  • Tuesday-  Kickr class at Moxie Multisport 5:30AM and 5:30 PM. (Additional time slots may be added as needed) Bring your own bike and get coached through a power based workout using our Kickr Trainers!
  • Wednesday- Group swim at Eldorado pool. Time TBD. This will begin as a skills-based session and progress to improve your fitness and confidence in the water.
  • Thursday-  Kickr class at Moxie Multisport, 5:30 AM and 5:30 PM.
  • Friday-  This workout will be uploaded into your TrainingPeaks for you to perform on your own.  
  • Saturday-  Group Ride at Moxie Multisport at 7:00 AM. This will begin as a no-drop ride and progress to include skills and harder intervals.
  • Sunday-  Recovery day OR 1-2 times per month open water swim Location and time TBD.


The Az Tri Series will be coached by the following:

Angie Anderson – USAT Level 2 Coach | ITU Level 2 Coach

Sam Holmes – Pro Triathlete,  IromanU Certified

Ryan Eckert – CSCS Certified, Masters in Exercise Science

Additional Support provided by:

Anna Sparks  – Sparks Systems 

Ann will oversee anyones desire to learn  more about their metabolic efficiencies as an athlete.  We recommend these services as it will help fast track your training to the next level knowing how your body uses its energy stores while in exercise and at rest.

Tom Padilla PT, DPT, CSCS – 

Tom will be helping you with your movement patterns via mobility strengthening exercises to insure you are durable to complete the season healthy. As a part of this program you will have the benefit of having your mobility and movement patterns overseen by Dr. Tom. Tom regularly teaches mobility and movement workshops in a variety of sports and has published a book solely dedicated to preventing injury and improving performance and efficiency in endurance athletes.  This is a great resource for triathletes to have access to.